Monday, November 21, 2011

Purpose of the Church III: Serve the World - 11/13/2011

This is our mission.  We are beginning a renewed effort to engage the neighborhood, establish relationship, and simply love folks the way Jesus loved us.

Sam Desocio - Guest Pastor on 11/6/2011

Sam is the pastor of Grace and Peace Presbyterian (PCA).  They meet on Sunday night in Fourth's building.  It's been a great joy to get to know Sam over the last few months.  And it's was a joy to have him bring the message.

Jim Krummenacher's Funeral

Jim Krummenacher was a great lover of the church, music, people and God.  It was a joy to celebrate his life.  Many shared their memories and hearts about Jim in this time.  We'll miss you, Jim.

Purpose of the Church II: Love Each Other - 10/30/2011

The second purpose of our church is to love each other.  It sounds simple and easy, but it's not.  The best thing we can do in our witness to the world is simply be the community Christ desires us to be.  That's something everyone would want to be a part of.

Purpose of the Church I: Love God; 10/23/2011

We start a short series on the purpose of our church.  Our first purpose is to love God.  We can do everything else perfectly and have a huge ministry.  If we are not loving God, it means nothing.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Sermon 10/9/2011 - Mt. 2 - Jesus Worshipers

Chapter 2 of Matthew is about humanity's response to Jesus.  The right response is represented by the Wise Men.  God reveals himself to them first through nature, then through scripture, and finally in the presence of Jesus himself.  And when they see him, they worship him.  It's a picture of right faith.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Sermon 10/2/2011 - Mt. 1 - the Christ Child

Jesus is the culmination of every hope.  He's the promised one.  He's our savior, and he's here.